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Try googling Joan Rivers Broadway opening night. You will see this iconic New Yorker who has supported every single kind of New York theater over the past few decades, at basically every Broadway opening in the past 20 years +. Then try googling Joan Rivers Broadway Cares benefit. Then The Actors Fund. She was one of the most public celebrity advocates of an industry that most celebrities don’t care two shits about. And why mention that she is a Tony nominated actress and a Broadway playwright? Any compassionate person in the arts can take one look at the scene in her documentary where she discusses her in development play, so so passionately, to know that acting, and theater, were two of the most important things to the genius Joan Rivers and this bizarre move by the Broadway League is a super lame slap in the face to someone that has done nothing but help your cause. You fucks.
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There’s a lot to be said about how sexy I find this picture of Shia Lebeouf in purple tights.
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It’s true. Allison Williams as Peter Pan and I are the same person.
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The only award worth winning.
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I’m drinking white wine with a lid on a boat under the Golden Gate Bridge.
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@joelcreasey getting the full LA experience with a @gayofthrones haircut today
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Shooting an infomercial with @drewdroege for a super important new product this morning.
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Selfie magic with @alancummingsnaps (who was incredible tonight!)
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